Science Illustration

I’ve just wrapped up my first quarter of my graduate program in science illustration. Here’s a few samples of some of my recent work.

Jackson's chameleon and conehead katydid, ink on scratchboard

Jackson’s chameleon and conehead katydid, ink on scratchboard

Canis latrans (coyote) skull, graphite

Canis latrans (coyote) skull, graphite

Periodical cicada, prismacolor on coquille

Periodical cicada, prismacolor on coquille

Periodical cicada, ink (stipple) on bristol

Periodical cicada, ink (stipple) on bristol

Rockfish, prismacolor on coquille

Rockfish, prismacolor on coquille

Orca hunting sea lion pup ink on

Orca hunting sea lion pup ink on

Archaeopteryx, ink on scratchboard

Archaeopteryx, ink on scratchboard

More updates to follow; science illustration galley and site overhaul!

Recent Reviews

Kingdom/Order Part One is now in print, and Part Two is rolling out on Study Group Comics (two pages every Wednesday). I recently had some nice press about each, which I thought I’d share here.

The good folks at Stumptown Trade Review have been advocates of my work for a long time. They’ve written some nice reviews of my minis in the past and I always look forward to running into Brian and Thor at the northwest comics shows. This review of Part One was nice to read, not only because its so positive, but because Brian picked up on, appreciated and described quite accurately many nuanced elements of the story. Its very rewarding to hear someone notice the details I’ve obsessed over for so long, wondering if they were clear, but not overstated.

Here’s Brians review:

Having a comic on the web has been a new experience for me. Usually anyone who sees my comics has come across it as a result of meeting me in person. Now a lot of people have been exposed to my work by reading it on the web, and since it is on a site I don’t run I have no idea how many people are visiting. Study Group is proving itself be be no light-weight in the webcomics world, and having my work included is both an honor and big step forward in readership. This post from Loser City, breaking down one page of Part Two was a nice result of the increased exposure.

I also was inteviewed by Suzette Smith of Gridlords for Linework NW. In case you missed it, here it is:

“Ire ‘n’ Pyrite”

I had a pretty fun publication design in mind for this new comic, but I couldn’t get it printed before Short Run this weekend. Since I can’t do offer it in person, here it is online. Even without this comic I have lots of new prints, so if you’re in Seattle this Thanksgiving weekend come by Short Run at Washington Hall, Saturday November 30th 11-6.

INPcolor1 INPcolor2 INPcolor3 INPcolor4

Portland Zine Symposium and “Time of Panic” debut

This weekend is the 13th annual Portland Zine Symposium, where I will be tabling again after a three year absence. Much has changed since the last time I showed at the Zine Symposium. Back in 2009 my table showcased several comics that have now been retired. That is to say that if the Zine Symposium is your only stop on the small press circuit, and you’ve been itching to see something new form me, I’ll have tons of new stuff to show you.

If, however, you’ve been keeping up, I’ll still have something new, as I’ll be debuting a new comic called “Time of Panic.” Yep. Dinosaur comic. You’re welcome.

IMG_1933 “Time of Panic” is a 24 hour comic. That’s right, 24 pages, 24 hours. It was initiated and completed at the IPRC (with a brief stint and a nap at my apartement) from noon to noon, July 27th-28th as part of the Zine Symposium’s 24 hour zine challenge.

I usually work so slowly I’d thought a 24 hour comic would be impossible, but, despite what I titled it, I found the project surprisingly manageable, and finished within 24 hours. To be fair, a dinosaur comic is rather low hanging fruit for me, so I can’t congratulate myself too much. Copies of “Time of Panic” are limited, but I’ll have lots of other stuff, and there’s tons of other talented zinesters and cartoonists there, so come support them. And check out the great poster art by Asher Craw.

Kingdom/Order on Study Group

Beginning today with updates every following Wednesday, Study Group Comics has started posting pages of my new comic “Kingdom/Order.”


Study Group is a great webcomics platform that showcases work from some excellent talent, including many of my comics friends and heroes. While you’re on the site I personally endorse the comics by Aiden Koch, August Lipp, Farel Dalrymple, Francois Vigneault, Jason Levian, Julia Gfrorer, Malachi Ward, Sam Alden, Simon Roy and Tom Neely.

The Sweet Sound of Hells Dachshunds

Back in December I read at Gridlords, Portland’s premier comics reading and performance series. After a few straight forward readings I concluded my set by playing my “film version” of Hells Dachshunds, complete with sounds effects and music. If you couldn’t make it to the show, or would like to see it again, its now available on my YouTube channel. The volume is a little low, so headphones are suggested for the full experience.HD12

Winter visit to Falling Rock National Park

Last April I was given the rare privilege of drawing the annual April Fool’s day guest strip for Josh Shalek’s “Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.” Josh is a good friend and an awesome tablemate, and each year he hands over the reins to his pet project for the day. Given the vast difference in our drawing styles, I wanted to create a stip that incorporated the difference of imagery. They following was my creation:

Falling Rock April Fool's Day strip

The honor of filling in for Josh was made even more distinguished when he ended the run of Falling Rock as a newspaper style strip a few months later, making mine the last guest strip published. Josh has now taken his characters to a new format, full comic book size available by subscription, and I’m glad to report that he called upon me to contribute once again.

Josh liked the idea of the Uncanny Vally strip enough that he wanted to flesh it out as a full story to go in his first issue. When I drew my strip I had to edit down my ideas to fit into four panels, so I loved the idea of extending the story and getting the opportunity to render the other characters who couldn’t make it into the strip.

I’m pleased to report that we’ve completed the story, and that Josh has finished the whole book which will be available very soon. He’ll be debuting it at Emerald City Comic Con on March 1-3. I’ll be there too, though we won’t be at the same table. If you’ll be in Seattle come see us, if not I refer you to Josh’s website if you’d like to make a purchase. Heres a small preview of our story:



New Letterpress Illustrations

These new bird drawings are the new installments to my series of letterpress/watercolor prints, “A Passerine Fancy.” My plates are made, so they’ll soon be colored, printed and available for sale. As of yet none of my previously made prints have been made available online, but once these are made expect to see them all in my Etsy shop. If I get enough requests I can rush some through to be available  by Christmas. Otherwise expect these to hit the figurative shelves some time in January.

 Northern Cardinal Black Capped Chickadee Scrub Jay Steller's Jay

Seattle Bound

I’m ending my year of convention attendance right where I started it, in Seattle. This weekend I’ll be in there for Short Run, Seattle’s premier small press event. Short Run is free to the attend from 10:30 to 5:30 at the Vera Project, so, Seattleites, do Washington state proud. Support small press!

As mentioned I started the year with my first showing at Emerald City Comic-Con, a very different, but enjoyable experience. I’ll kick off 2013 again with ECCC, and this year I’ve submitted to their charity fundraising book “Monsters and Dames.” Here’s my submission, lets hope they like it.